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Google's famed chef leaving

ayers.jpgWe've been trying to chase down this rumor (with colleague Nicole Wong) for the past several days, and Google has finally confirmed it: Chef Charlie Ayers, who made the Google cafeteria famous worldwide, is leaving. Ayers' last day is Monday, and there's an employee send-off planned for Friday. Ayers is heading to Chicago to pick up an award and was not available to comment. Ayers' free cafeteria became famous throughout the valley for its top-rate food. (The Merc wrote about valley workplace food options here and ranked Google tops among local company eateries.) In fact, friends of Googlers would often try to finagle lunch dates just so they could eat there. No word on where Ayers is headed. But the former Grateful Dead chef presumably has enough Google stock options to open up many possibilities.

UPDATE: Here's Nicole's early story. And she's digging up other details about Ayers' plans that we'll share soon.

Turns out Ayers has hired a PR person (a sometime writer for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat) and plans to open a chain of healthy food restaurants in the valley.


I wish you much luck Chuck. I wish I had met you during my short time with GD Catering (summer 95). I'm looking "Geno" Keenan, past chef for the band, do you know him, of him, or where I can find him? Thanks from the back of the bus, Gasboy.

Drew "Gasboy" Riehl on August 6, 2005 11:33 AM
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I'll replace him , no sweat.
I'm a Scandinavian Head Chef ( Danish )
Phone +45 50907955
Karsten Bie Jensen

Karsten Bie Jensen on August 6, 2005 2:57 PM
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I hereby nominate Executive Chef Joseph Ribas, 30+ year veteran for the Boston Omni Parker House. Chef Ribas, at one point, had Emeril Lagasse, Lydia Shire, Jasper White to name a few under his realm. The luckiest restaurant in New England has him now......but he will surely be notified by others I'm sure (and myself for sure) about this opportunity.... stay tuned.....

Carol DeLuca on August 6, 2005 8:52 PM
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Hi Charlie,
I'm wishing you the best for your dream of opening your own restaurant(s)....if you're in Chi-Town, stop by and say hello!
The Grinning Goddess

L-M West on August 18, 2005 5:41 PM
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