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Google acquires traffic info start-up

zipdash.gifTrolling through the 2004 annual report that Google filed today, we notice that the search company has a new subsidiary, Zipdash Inc. As far as we can tell, this is a previously undisclosed acquisition. What is more, it apparently happened fairly recently, since the Palo Alto company was not listed as a subsidiary when Google filed to go public last summer. Also, the New York Times profiled the company in March 2004 and made no mention of Google. We've asked Google for more information, but have not heard back yet. So what does Zipdash do (or did, if they've been wholly swallowed by Google)? According to the company's web site, it "tackles highway congestion by providing individuals with real-time, accurate traffic information." Some of the technology is/was intended to allow mobile phone users get real time traffic info using GPS. Here's another story. And here's an example of how the technology looks on the Web, which we found on the Web site of a blogger who happens to work at Google. This looks somewhat similar to a feature that Yahoo recently started offering.

Also, we see that Google lists another new subsidiary named Where2 LLC. Not much info on this company on the Web or Nexis. Loyal readers who have any info, feel free to chime in.

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