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The Yahoo-Flickr deal

As Matt mentioned below, Yahoo finally confirmed the rumors about it buying photo-sharing site Flickr. Co-founder Caterina Fake explains the meaning of the deal for users at the Flickr blog. No word yet on the terms of the acquisition, which was likely a cash and stock deal. But one source told us the total price tag was about $30 million. Flickr reportedly has more than 250,000 members.

The announcement caps a furious round of jockeying for Flickr by all the major search engines. Ask Jeeves (which is apparently being acquired itself) was once a bidder, as was Google. The Google talks apparently broke down, we're told, when the Flickr team couldn't come to terms with Google about how to merge the service with Picasa, Google's photo organizing software. It should be an interesting year for online photos. From what we've seen, Yahoo may have some other surprises up it sleeves, as well.


Whatever it is $30 million or $17 million, what is interesting here is the money (and time) Yahoo has spent for Flickr. Don't forget Flickr doesn't make that much money yet and gets less than 300 000 registered members (which means a small pourcentage of them are really active users :).

Still, Flickr is a must have product right now because it fits really well with blog and mobile techs.

The Yahoo - Flickr deal (and see the Hello/Picasa - Google one or HP - Snapfish)also shows that online photo sharing is one of this future killer app for internet users.

Nevertheless the next big concern for photo sharing services might be the related infrastructure costs (mainly bandwith, storage and servers) while they are expanding.

We, the PixVillage Team, provide an answer using P2P technologies as a way to share photos privately. First it is a legal use for P2P technologies, then it offers fast, fully scalable, free and unlimited online photo sharing to its users. And we do not support any infrastructure costs. As of today, around 1 000 000 photos have been shared by our users.

Have a look at www.pixvillage.com and tell me what you think...


Pit @ PixVillage (online photo sharing) on April 5, 2005 10:34 AM
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