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The wiki wars

Palo Alto wiki company JotSpot leaked news today that it had signed up Walt Disney as a paying customer, stealing it away from its Palo Alto competitor, Socialtext. Disney is JotSpot's first major customer. Though Socialtext's Ross Mayfield doesn't seem fazed.

See full story here.

More here on the (former) relationship between Socialtext and Disney.


It seems that Joe Krause should have signed a non-disclosure before looking at the Socialtext deal, at the minimum, and if he were a part of a larger venture group, then both should be liable for non-sanctioned disclosure and predatory practices.

It really goes to the core of VC ethics, unless that's an oxymoron nowdays.

ST Irwin

Steve Irwin on January 19, 2005 7:26 AM
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Sometimes I am wondering why open source software does not get mentioned more by the press. Socialtext and JotSpot are both entering the space where the open source TWiki is already for a number of years -- a Wiki as an application platform.

TWiki is a mature Wiki, has a large number of Plugins and extensions, has a large and loyal userbase, and has an active developers community on http://twiki.org/. And if you read the success stories you find one of Disney too.

Peter Thoeny on January 19, 2005 10:12 PM
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