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Using Google, without the ads

scrooge.gifWow, you really can, here. We tested it, and it seems to produce results identical to those of Google.

Find out more about the person behind it here, and other comments and analysis via Battelle.


Look, the reality is that Google needs to make money, just like any other company. If Nutch can beat Google, fine. Open source is a good thing. But to simply strip Google of its means for generating revenues isn't liberating, it's mean-spiritied.

I often poke fun at Google on the AlwaysOn Network and even in my AO Letter from China columns. But poking fun is NOT the same as taking away their revs. Frankly, Google provides a lot of great services. I use Gmail, Blogger, Google News Alerts and some stuff from their labs.

Overall, I'm a happy Google camper. Gmail service in China is my only complaint: It's horrible and I often have to resort to other web-based accounts to retrieve messages. But this seems more of a technical glitch and not a reflection on Google in general. Go, Google, Go!!

David Scott Lewis on January 17, 2005 8:21 PM
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