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Topix and Citysearch team up

The folks over at Palo Alto search engine start-up Topix.net promised more deals this fall. The latest is with Citysearch, the Los Angeles-based local search service. Citysearch will incorporate Topix local news feeds into the "guides" that serve its 40 largest markets, and Topix will carry ads from Citysearch's network of 31,000 advertisers on its news pages.

Topix provides computer-generated local news pages for 30,000 U.S. cities. Without a local presence in those communities, one question has been whether Topix could ever get local advertising matched to its local content. Locally targeted ads supplied by Google meet some of that need. The Citysearch deal adds to the equation.

"We're a small company, and they have the feet on the streets (to sell advertising),'' Topix' Mike Markson said of the partnership with Citysearch. ''We're limited by size, so we're happy to leverage their strength.''

Citysearch's Taek Kwon, executive vice president of product & tectnology, said a large of percentage of users who leave Citysearch sites end up at news sites. So it made sense to incorporate news into the company's guides.

Topix is doing alright for a company that officially launched its product in March and has not taken any venture capital support. The company announced a deal in September to provide local news feeds to Emeryville search engine AskJeeves. And CEO Rich Skrenta said the company's revenue stream is such that its principals may soon start taking a salary.

UPDATE: As Gary Price notes, Topix has also recently penned deals with Yahoo and Info.com.

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