Yahoo news: What will it do with its Alibaba haul? Plus what’s up with Jerry Yang

We've got your Yahoo news roundup right here. First, what will Yahoo do with all that cash from selling some of its stake in Alibaba? All that cash, by the way, is about $9.4 billion. In a filing Tuesday, that's how much Yahoo Read More →

Icahn gets his way

It was exactly what Carl Icahn envisioned should happen: EBay and PayPal will go their separate ways with two different CEOs, as our Heather Somerville reported. This will happen in the second half of 2015, according to Read More →

Quoted: Ello the social network vs. Facebook the ‘advertising platform’

"We don’t consider Facebook to be a competitor. We consider them to be an advertising platform more than a social network." — Paul Budnitz, Ello CEO and one of its co-founders, tells Bloomberg Businessweek that Ello's business model — Read More →

Oracle, Cisco step up cloud battle

As the cloud wars heat up, legacy companies Oracle and Cisco are challenging startups that have been steadily luring companies away from clunky old software and onto cloud programs. The announcement this week of new cloud platforms and investments from these Read More →

Tech and privacy: Facebook’s ad platform; CloudFlare’s encryption gift

Once again, we're making a couple of stops at the corner of tech and privacy. • Facebook's relaunched ad platform, Atlas, will allow advertisers to track users outside Facebook, across devices and even "connect online campaigns to actual offline sales," according Read More →

Quoted: Jack Ma on loving but not marrying government

"Never, ever do business with government. Love them. Don’t marry them. So, we never do projects for government." — Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba, on avoiding doing business with the Chinese government. But Ma said on "60 Minutes" that Read More →
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