Startup Spotlight: Roost, an Airbnb for storage

People are already sharing their house and cars to make a few bucks, and now you can also make a pretty penny for renting out your basement or garage. In the next evolution of the sharing economy, Roost, which Read More →

Twitter policing content: beheading video, plus images of deceased

Twitter, which has long touted its free-speech, anti-censorship stance, is policing content on its site in a couple of high-profile cases. It's dealing with the tweeting of a video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley, which started circulating Read More →

Quoted: on Yahoo’s ‘tech cred’

"I want to bring some of the tech cred back to Yahoo, which has probably been a bit stale over the past few years." — Mike Kail, Yahoo's new CIO and senior vice president of infrastructure, in an interview Read More →

Google, YouTube reportedly ready new music streaming service

Google’s long-awaited YouTube music subscription service is finally taking shape, according to reports from Android Police. The blog reported Monday that Google is preparing to launch a service called YouTube Music Key and rebrand its Google Play Music All Access Read More →

Get ‘em young: Google reportedly wants to offer accounts for kids under 13

Google is preparing to officially offer its services to children under age 13, according to a couple of reports. This could boost growth, and therefore sales, for the Internet giant, but it could also bring a whole new set of Read More →

Quoted: ICYMI, Reed Hastings is not a fan of big ISPs

"Why would more profitable, larger companies charge for connections and capacity that smaller companies provide for free? Because they can." — Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, on the access fees, or "tolls," that U.S. Internet service providers are charging his Read More →
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