What to expect when you’re expecting Google earnings

Google is set to announce third-quarter earnings this afternoon, and the keywords are ads and spending. Analysts polled by FactSet estimate earnings of $6.54 a share on $16.6 billion in revenue, increases of 22 percent and 11.4 percent year over year. Last Read More →

What to watch: Netflix earnings

As it reports the ever-so-closely watched subscriber numbers during its third-quarter earnings release this afternoon, have Netflix's moves, such as continued investment in original programming, plus expansion in Europe, begun to pay off? As we've written, Netflix is making big bets Read More →

HBO to offer standalone streaming service

HBO fans rejoice: You soon won't have to have a pay TV subscription -- or your parent's HBO Go login -- to watch the premium cable channel. Starting next year, HBO will offer its HBO Go streaming service as a standalone Read More →

Netflix raises prices on 4K videos

You may have paid a premium to get a new 4K television set; now Netflix thinks you should pay extra to watch 4K videos. The streaming media giant is now requiring new customers who want access to its library of ultra-high definition television shows Read More →

Costco enters China through Alibaba’s e-commerce site

Costco is the latest U.S. retailer to join Alibaba's online marketplace, a sign of the power the Chinese Internet juggernaut wields in e-commerce and the growing threat is poses to online shopping sites such as eBay. Alibaba announced Tuesday Read More →

Quoted: on hawking the domain

"But you could say the same thing about doctors. They can become very well-off treating very sick patients." — Jon Schultz, owner of the domain name, when questioned about wanting to profit off a disease that has killed Read More →
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