FAA Ban on Gadgets: Can We Right Humanity’s Greatest Injustice?

This weekend brought another round of stories from major publications expressing outrage and frustration at one of the great injustices of our time. Yes, I'm talking about the FAA's ban on using electronic devices on planes during take off and landing. If Read More →

Tesla Founder Elon Musk Talks to Google Venture’s Kevin Rose

Just finished watching the latest episode of Revision3's Foundation series. Most of Musk's tale is well known: co-founder of PayPal; co-founder of Tesla; co-founder of Space X. Still, it's an interesting conversation. I'll confess, at times I was trying to Read More →

Leaked photos show startling details of Apple spaceship campus

A slew of leaked images of the new Apple campus have emerged over the past day. It appears obtained the most comprehensive set. But several other blogs, including VentureBeat, and AppleInsider, appears to have some Read More →

Is Intel warning a sign of the tech apocalypse?

Intel issued an earnings warning this morning, and you could pretty much hear the entire tech industry make a giant gulping sound all at once. Investors delivered the obligatory slap across the face, sending Intel shares down 3.61 Read More →

Twitter stats skew to Obama over Romney

With the help of Topsy, Twitter is running an election page monitoring the sentiment of the conversations on the short messaging service about the candidates. No surprise, after Obama's speech, it was heavily tilted in his favor over Romney, Read More →

Forget Pandora; Apple Should Fix iTunes

So comes word that Apple is negotiating with music labels to offer a service that competes with Pandora. Not surprisingly, Pandora's stock dropped after hours as investors felt their sphincters pucker upon hearing the news. Such news is Read More →
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