Does this Newsweek cover hurt women in tech?

If you are a girl standing in line at the grocery store and see the above Newsweek cover, chances are you don't think, "I can't wait to go to Silicon Valley when I grow up and start my company. " The Read More →

The top IPOs of 2015 (Spoiler: they include Uber and your favorite Greek yogurt)

With Box soaring 66 percent in its long-awaited debut this month, and Shake Shack, the New York burger chain, opening trading this week at an astonishing 131 percent above its offer price, 2015 is off to strong start for IPOs. According Read More →

Carmelo Anthony invests in Whistle, a startup to track your dog’s activity

Carmelo Anthony has made a fortune playing basketball, and now he's investing that money in puppies. Anthony's fund Melo7 Tech Partners, which he founded with businessman Stuart Goldfarb, has thrown a hefty chunk of change into San Francisco-based Whistle, which makes dog-activity monitors. Read More →

Comcast shows service chops, dubs man ***hole on bill

To hear Comcast tell it, customer service is the company's no. 1 priority. But someone must have forgotten to tell the company's customer service representatives. After his wife attempted to drop their cable service from Comcast, Spokane, Wash. resident Ricardo Brown recently found Read More →

Despite Apple gains, Android rules smartphones

Even though Apple sold a record number of iPhones over the holidays, it's still an Android world. Last year, Android became the first operating system ever to ship on 1 billion phones, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics. That Read More →

In venture capital lies a fix for sexism in Silicon Valley

Newsweek used a loud, cheeky, sexual cartoon to bring up the overwhelmingly complex, undeniably serious and highly charged issue of sexism in Silicon Valley. The topic that we, in Silicon Valley, talk about a lot: the lack of women coding, the lack Read More →
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