Amazon gearing up to challenge Google in lucrative online ad business

Look out, Google: A new report says Amazon has ambitions to become a significant competitor in the highly profitable business of helping other companies place ads on a variety of sites around the web. It’s another example of giant Internet companies Read More →

Square rolls out new business tool for small merchants

Square, still lurching from speculation about its tenuous future, is going after small businesses with its latest digital payments tool. On Thursday, Square launched a suite of analytics tools -- Square Analytics -- to help sellers track how their business is performing Read More →

Survey: Half of shoppers don’t want their smartphones tracked

Not that anyone thought it would be easy, but new research points out just how tricky it is for retailers to build a cutting-edge shopping experience without alienating the very consumers they hope to attract or hold on to. It turns Read More →

Lyft COO leaves after relationship with founders breaks down

While Uber was celebrating its big hire of David Plouffe, former campaign manager and political strategist for President Barack Obama, its competitor Lyft was saying goodbye to a top executive. Travis VanderZanden, chief operating officer of the peer-to-peer ride-ordering Read More →

Apple eyes sapphire for iPhone screens

Apple’s latest gambit for sparkling sales may involve sapphire. The Cupertino-based company is considering manufacturing sapphire screens for upcoming iterations of the iPhone as well as a smartwatch in the pipeline, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Sapphire screens might Read More →

Whisper launches mental health nonprofit to help depressed

With the perplexity and agony of suicide dominating public thought and conversation in the wake of Robin Williams' death this week, social media app Whisper has launched a nonprofit site where people struggling with depression can ask for emotional help. Whisper, the Read More →
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