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Tech groups react to Obama’s State of the Union

President Barack Obama's State of the Union Tuesday night included some of the tech industry's major policy concerns: cyber security, surveillance, tax reform and trade. At the top of the list of tech's priorities, Obama said it is time for Congress Read More →

The State of the Union works to engage the online audience

We'll be tuning in to the President Obama's State of the Union address (Tuesday night, 6 p.m. PST) to hear more about the White House's tech policy agenda. He is expected to hit on issues such as┬áconsumer and Read More →

Leon Panetta, former CIA director, takes an Oracle board seat

Leon Panetta, the former secretary of defense and director of the Central Intelligence Agency, will become an Oracle director, the company announced Monday. Silicon Valley has a practice of late of picking up talent from Washington. has Colin Read More →

Is the pendulum swinging on tech companies and surveillance?

Since the Edward Snowden disclosures, tech companies have taken multiple steps to rebuild user trust, including beefing up the encryption in their products and services. But with the terrorist attacks in France this month, will governments succeed in pressuring tech firms Read More →

David Cameron to push Obama to urge tech companies to cooperate with government

Earlier this week, British Prime Minister David Cameron talked about his plan to ban messaging apps that use encryption, because the government wouldn't be able to access user communications. As we wrote, security experts called the idea "crazy"; Read More →

Don’t bother Googling “Scroogled”: Microsoft appears to drop anti-Google campaign

When Satya Nadella took the helm of Microsoft last year, I argued that among the first things he should do is drop "Scroogled," the firm's anti-Google campaign. It was part of the Steve Ballmer pugnacious reign of the Read More →
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