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Hackers to Sony: We’re good as long as no one ever sees “The Interview”

The anonymous hackers who attacked the computer systems at Sony Pictures Entertainment over the "The Interview," a comedy about two journalists going to North Korea to attempt to kill its leader, Kim Jong-un, have issued a new demand: Make sure the Read More →

Uber to Sen. Franken: We respect user privacy

Uber, fighting on multiple fronts in multiple countries, attempted this week to satisfy one critic, Sen. Al Franken. The Minnesota Democrat wrote to the ride-sharing firm asking the company for information about its privacy policy and to answer to specific allegations Read More →

Broadband providers: Net neutrality plan wouldn’t hurt investment

One of the arguments employed by those against net neutrality and reclassification of broadband is that it would negatively affect investment in broadband networks. But for those keeping track at home, the number of broadband providers that say reclassification wouldn't Read More →

Could Apple prevail in its e-book legal challenge?

Apple is in court again Monday, this time to challenge a federal judge's ruling in the e-book price fixing case. At issue is whether Apple broke the law when it made agreements with five of the six top publishers as it Read More →

Google and Europe, they’ve got issues

It's been quite a week in Google-Europe news. Let's recap. • From Russia, with no love: Google is pulling its engineers out of Russia, probably because of a new law that requires tech companies to store user data in Read More →

Peter Thiel embraces disruption, Berkeley-style

Disruption is this tech boom's cliche. But famed billionaire investor Peter Thiel got a taste of disruption of a different kind in Berkeley Wednesday night, as the San Jose Mercury News reported. The PayPal cofounder powered through his Read More →
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