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Tech looks to Congress for visa and green-card reforms

With the president's immigration action Thursday night, comprehensive reform will be harder to pass. Instead, what will likely happen is the piecemeal approach to immigration, something the tech industry has not supported the past couple years. But tech will have to do Read More →

New tool detects spyware used by governments

As the tech industry looks for ways to combat government spying, here comes another tool backed by Amnesty International, the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, and a couple of privacy groups in Britain and Germany. It's called Detekt, Read More →

Sen. Al Franken wants answers from Uber

Now, Uber is doing its privacy mop-up tour. The company has been in a public relations tailspin all week for comments made by a top executive about snooping on journalists critical of the ride sharing firm. As I wrote Wednesday, Read More →

Quoted: on the failure of the NSA spying reform bill

"This is the worst possible time to be tying our hands behind our backs." — Mitch McConnell, Senate GOP leader, before the Senate on Tuesday voted against a bill to reform NSA spying. McConnell and the many other mostly Read More →

Wolverton: Breaking down my new Triple Play costs

When it comes to Triple Plays -- as in most things -- the devil is in the details. As I mentioned in my column this week, I'm in Read More →

Uber aggro: Executive proposes spying on critical reporters

Uber is in hot water after a top executive threatened to investigate journalists who criticized the ride sharing company, Buzzfeed's Ben Smith reported. According to Smith, the Uber executive, Emil Michael said at an event in New York that Read More →
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