Facebook’s Oculus deal dismays some VR fans

Some early supporters of the virtual-reality gaming company Oculus VR didn't like Tuesday’s news that the Irvine startup is being acquired by Facebook for more than $2 billion in cash and stock. “Not happy about this at all,” was a typical Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Charles Hudson of SoftTech VC

Palo Alto’s SoftTech VC is hardly your typical venture capital firm. Its founder, Jeff Clavier, is French. The firm helped pioneer the “micro VC” trend, bridging the gap Read More →

Google Play now gives option of requiring password for every purchase

Google’s adding a new feature to its online store that could help fend off complaints from parents who say it’s too easy for their kids to go on a spending spree by downloading games or buying virtual goods on Mom Read More →

Wiretap: Eric Tilenius is back in the CEO saddle

Scott Fitzgerald said there are no second acts in American lives. Eric Tilenius keeps proving him wrong. Tilenius launched his first company in junior high (building software for Radio Shack TRS-80s!), then after Stanford climbed the rungs Read More →

Google’s working on a phone that maps your physical surroundings

Google has built a prototype for a new smartphone that uses 3D-sensors to map a user’s physical surroundings. Why would you want such a phone? Google is inviting developers to help come up with applications, and it's posted some Read More →

Devices with Flappy Bird demand big money on eBay, Amazon

Tablets and smartphones installed with the hugely popular -- and recently shut down -- game Flappy Bird are popping up on eBay with hefty price tags. An iPad Mini, second or third generation, with Flappy Bird is demanding north of $10,000. Read More →
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