• Apple’s amazing transformation

    Apple’s amazing transformation

    As recently as seven years ago, Apple was at heart a computer that also had a sideline of digital music players. As recently as four years ago, you could make the case that Apple was a digital music company that also happened to sell computers. Now, Apple is clearly a mobile phone maker who also happens to sell computing devices and, oh by the way, a few digital music players.

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  • Another reason to dislike the Atrix’s accessories: Tethering charges

    Another reason to dislike the Atrix’s accessories: Tethering charges

    One of the advantages of the Atrix’s docks is that with them, you can use a full version of Mozilla’s Firefox browser to surf the Web and pull up Web apps in much the same way you would on a standard PC. What I didn’t realize was that in order to use the full Firefox browser on AT&T’s data network, AT&T requires users to pay its extra $20 a month tethering fee. As such, In effect, AT&T is discriminating against a particular application. If this doesn’t flout the idea of net neutrality, I don’t know what does.

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  • Video: iPhone 4 camera problem

    I wrote on Monday about a problem with the camera system on Apple’s new iPhone 4 that was affecting users’ ability to not only take pictures but use FaceTime, the […]

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  • FaceTime when the iPhone's camera doesn't work

    New iPhone 4 problem: Camera crashes, takes down FaceTime

    You’ve heard about the yellow screen splotches and the wonky antenna that requires you to hold the new iPhone just right. But now a new issue is coming to light: […]

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  • Troy Wolverton Tweets his reactions to the new iPhone 4

    Columnist Troy Wolverton has gotten his hands on an iPhone 4. Follow his reactions here. Note: If you’re having difficulty seeing the widget below you can check out Troy’s posts […]

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  • iPad impressions

    iPad impressions

    I just got an iPad review unit. I’ll have my full review later today. In the meantime, you can read my thoughts about it here:

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  • Palm Pre Plus: First Impressions

    I just got a review unit of the new Palm Pre Plus, the new webOS phone on Verizon. I’m testing out the phone and Twittering my impressions of it. Below […]

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  • iPhone 4.0? Here’s what I’d like to see

    iPhone 4.0? Here’s what I’d like to see

    With Apple expected to unveil its tablet computer next Wednesday, my Tech Files column on Monday will be about some of the features I hope the tablet will include. But […]

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  • Follow-up: Motorola Cliq

    Follow-up: Motorola Cliq

    When Motorola announced the Cliq smartphone in September, I was pretty intrigued. I wrote a column about how I thought the Cliq’s interface could represent “the next stage in the […]

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  • Review epilogue: Altec-Lansing inMotion Max

    Review epilogue: Altec-Lansing inMotion Max

    At long last, I wanted to write an updated review of the Altec-Lansing inMotion Max iPod speaker system. As some readers may recall, I planned to test out then-new inMotion […]

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