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Twitter, Google veteran Nicole Wong leaving White House post

Nicole Wong, a Silicon Valley veteran, is exiting her position at the White House. For a little more than a year, Wong, who previously worked at Google and Twitter, served as a deputy chief technology officer. Now she plans to return Read More →

Tech entrepreneur pays $1.6 million in bitcoin for Tahoe property

  Martis Camp, a luxury retreat near Lake Tahoe, says a Silicon Valley entrepreneur recently bought an undeveloped site for $1.6 million in bitcoin, "potentially" the largest bitcoin real estate deal ever. The buyer was not identified. The deal trumps $500,000 sale Read More →

Cell phone unlocking legal again as president signs measure

You are no longer doing something criminal if you unlock your cell phone. The president on Friday signed into law a measure that reverses a ban on Read More →

Yahoo is Bloom Energy’s latest customer

Remember Bloom Energy? They unveiled their fuel cell technology at a star-studded event in February 2010, then were fairly quiet until recently. Earlier this week, they announced a big deal with Exelon. On Thursday, Yahoo announced that Read More →

Netflix strikes paid connection deal with AT&T

Netflix has struck a paid data connection deal with another one of its supposed antagonists. The company announced Tuesday that it had agreed to pay AT&T for a direct connection between the two companies' networks. The companies struck the deal back Read More →

Research: Home security systems vulnerable to hackers, cyberattacks

You probably knew that hackers could break into your email account and the NSA can listen in on your calls. But did you know that your home security system may be vulnerable to a cyberattack also? Hackers can easily compromise the Read More →
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