iPhone 5: The morning after

You almost wanted to hear Tim Cook say, "Well, it's a tad bit fatter than the 4S." Just for something different. But, no, the iPhone 5, introduced Wednesday in San Francisco, is the thinnest! and lightest! and it's pretty much what everyone expected Read More →

Amazon shopping: Adding tax, reducing shipping time

Under a state law taking effect Saturday, (and dozens of other online retailers) will begin charging sales tax on shipments to California. The details, as reported by Mike Rosenberg in today's Mercury News: The so-called "Amazon tax" affects some 200 Read More →

Quoted: A space elevator might just work

"The problem with going to the stars is only the first few hundred miles." --  Dr. Michio Kaku, addressing the possibility of a space elevator, as the organization 100 Year Starship prepares for a symposium this weekend on a DARPA initiative Read More →

Off topic: Huge convenience store, Tolkien, sheep, crash, crutch words

A tour of the world's largest convenience store, in Texas (check out the jerky display at 1:25).  Tolkien recites a poem in Elvish.  Two short, strange videos: A screaming sheep, and a real Read More →

The mall’s on Fire; plus, where to watch the Apple event

This week's hotly awaited device is in the hot little hands of the reviewers, and they've swiped and tapped their way to a consensus: Amazon's Kindle Fire HD is a qualified improvement.  Wait, what did you think we were talking about? OK, Read More →

Zuck sans hoodie: Cool in the spotlight

When 30 minutes of talk yields millions of words of coverage, you know Zuck's on stage. In his first public appearance since the company's stock offering, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat down Tuesday for an interview with Michael Arrington at the Tech Crunch Read More →

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