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Steve Johnson covers the microchip industry, cyber security and the big-technology sector that includes Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and Cisco Systems.

White House said to be preparing sweeping privacy legislation

As the Federal Trade Commission has requested, the White House reportedly is preparing to ask Congress to bolster the FTC's power to police privacy violations by Internet-related businesses, including online advertisers, app makers and companies that make the smart, connected consumer Read More →

FTC urges gadget makers to be careful with consumer data

The Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday urged businesses to take a variety of measures to insure that the smart gadgets they make, which are flooding the so-called Internet of Things, won't abuse consumer data. "The Internet of Things is already impacting Read More →

Words Linkedin job hunters ought to avoid

People looking for a new job need to first look in a thesaurus before posting their self-promoting blather on Linkedin, according to the Mountain View-based online professional network. Among the various terms that career-seeking members overuse on the site, Linkedin noted Read More →

Infographic shows how much crooks pay for personal data

Ever wonder how much your personal information is worth when some nasty cyber crook gets their hands on it? You now can get an  inkling of that from an interactive infographic that's been put together by security firm Trend Read More →

Report cites new hacker tricks in 2014

Cyber crooks and other mischief-makers on the Internet pretty much had a field day in 2014, often with the unwitting help of computer users, according to Cisco Systems' annual report on web-related security problems. The bad guys used several crafty Read More →

U.K. drops probe of Autonomy sale to HP

Citing "insufficient evidence for  a realistic prospect of conviction," United Kingdom investigators on Monday dropped their probe of Hewlett-Packard's claims that the Palo Alto corporation was tricked into grossly overpaying for British software firm Autonomy in 2011. The U.K.'s Serious Fraud Read More →

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