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With more than 30 years on the front line of daily American journalism, I'm currently a staff writer with the San Jose Mercury News, covering Apple and writing people-centric business stories from Silicon Valley.

C’est incroyable! The French take cheating to a new high

Leave it to those monogamy-challenged laissez-faire French folk to come up with technology that helps people sneak around on each other. Apparently, French entrepreneurs noticed a few years back that what their countrymen and women really needed more than anything was, Read More →

They’re using Airbnb for WHAT!??!!?

Savvy sex workers in the Big Apple are adding their own little entrepreneurial twist to Airbnb, the controversial but red-hot home-sharing site, by renting out apartments for quickies, nooners, and afternoon delights. Why, you ask? The bottom line, of course. According to Read More →

That was the most seductively sensuous ham sandwich I’ve EVER eaten!

Apparently, we're all having a hard time seeing the line between sex and food. A team of researchers led by Stanford University linguistics professor Dan Jurafsky spent time - a LOT of time - dissecting nearly 1 million restaurant reviews on Read More →

Shuffle time at Apple

Greg Christie, one of the brain trust behind Apple's iPhone, is reportedly retiring. And Jony Ive, the English-born design guru who worked closely with Steve Jobs for years in coming up with many of the gadgets that have made Apple enormously Read More →

What’s ahead for Apple: SV 150 growth profile

While fanboys and fangirls anxiously await the Next Big Thing from Apple, whether it’s the rumored iWatch or the rumored upgraded TV or the rumored whatever, the Cupertino tech giant rolls ahead as a revenue-heavy, cash-laden, globally-expanding behemoth. With a market Read More →

Does Apple need saving?

There are those who see Apple as a glass half-empty ever since the death of Steve Jobs, while others see it as half-full and getting fuller all the time, with CEO Tim Cook doing a yeoman's job running the ship. You Read More →
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