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With more than 30 years on the front line of daily American journalism, I'm currently a staff writer with the San Jose Mercury News, covering Apple and writing people-centric business stories from Silicon Valley.

The dark side of dating apps

In a creepy twist to the evolving story of the mobile dating app, two researchers have found a way to not just find the exact location of a user, but also assemble a sort of dossier by tracking their movements Read More →

Cyberattacks rattle France as the nation mourns its dead

Even as staffers at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo continued to bury their colleagues killed in last week's terrorist attack, the country's cyberdefence chief said hackers had targeted about 19,000 French websites, some of them the suspected work of Islamic Read More →

Google battle over sex-orgy images: Don’t make us babysit the Internet

In a very public skirmish, Google is sparring with former racing federation chief Max Mosley, who wants the search engine to make online images of him taking part in a sex orgy go away. The legal battle, playing out in the Read More →

Anonymous gets in on online backlash over Charlie Hebdo attacks

Hackers claiming to be part of the shadowy and loosely organized international hacktivist group Anonymous have claimed credit for shutting down a jihadist website as payback for the terrorist attack on the French satirical cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo. According to Read More →

Apple amps up its charitable giving

After a long history of matching its employees' charitable donations, and then launching a new effort a few months ago in which the company contributes $25 for each hour of work a staffer donates to charity, Apple is once again Read More →

Apple’s job-generation machine is on full tilt

Apple announced today that more than 1 million jobs have been directly or indirectly created by the company in the United States alone. The jobs include Apple's own employees as well as app developers, suppliers and manufacturers across the country. More Read More →

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