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With more than 30 years on the front line of daily American journalism, I'm currently a staff writer with the San Jose Mercury News, covering Apple and writing people-centric business stories from Silicon Valley.

German cabbies put the brakes on Uber

In an attempt to stop San Francisco-based Uber from cutting into their taxi territory, German cabbies have persuaded a judge to prohibit their rival from picking up passengers, alleging the ride-sharing startup was an example of a "locust share-economy'' indulging Read More →

Hey, dude, are those SWAT guys part of our video game?

Jordan Mathewson, AKA Kootra to his online video-gaming mates, was left slack-jawed - as well as thrown face-down onto the floor of his Littleton, Colorado apartment, when cops busted into his place in the middle of a live-streaming video match. Yup. Read More →

GoPro goes to the dogs

What better way to celebrate National Dog Day 2014 than for GoPro to unveil Fetch, its new camera-carrying harness that will turn your hound dog into the next Hitchcock. GoPro, of course, is the red-hot San Mateo-based maker of affordable, wearable, Read More →

Quake, rattle, and then roll out of bed

From the Department of Overstating the Obvious comes word from wearable-tech company Jawbone that most of its customers living close to Napa when the magnitude-6.0 quake struck Sunday and wearing the company's sleep-monitoring wristband experienced the same reaction: They woke up. According Read More →

Why might Amazon be sending its drones to India?

Why would Amazon test its delivery drones in India? Duh! Because India apparently isn't all hung up on those pesky government regulations over commercial drone use like our country is. Delivery of goods by UAVs, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, is something Read More →

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Amazon bringing you that pair of underwear you ordered!

In one small step for man, (› Play Audio) and one slightly bigger step for Amazon, the Seattle-based online retailer giant is putting its money where its mouth is, teaming up with other drone makers to lobby lawmakers on the company's Read More →
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