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With more than 30 years on the front line of daily American journalism, I'm currently a staff writer with the San Jose Mercury News, covering Apple and writing people-centric business stories from Silicon Valley.

Is that an iPad mini stuck to your face, or are you just glad to see me?

Now comes word from the cutting-edge and ever-so-quirky world of virtual reality that a Toronto-based startup called Metatecture has come up with a way to have that quality VR experience you've been looking for but at a fraction of the Read More →

France to Netflix: “Fiche-nous la paix!”

Netflix has arrived in France . . . and France is not amused. Worried that the American video-streaming giant will try to avoid paying French taxes, even as it launches a bloody frontal assault on the country's Gaelic sensibilities and proud Read More →

The kiwis have been lying to us? Say it ain’t so!

In a double-barreled blast of breaking news from the world of online snooping, word comes from New Zealand that its government's sleuth agency was setting up a massive surveillance dragnet even while officials were denying that such a thing was Read More →

Look what Samsung wants us all to see: a virtual-reality world

With its marketing chief telling the world that embattled Samsung Electronic is "focused on accelerating the speed of innovation" and promising to "never slow down," the South Korean conglomerate has introduced a virtual-reality headset with a smartphone whose bended screen Read More →

German cabbies put the brakes on Uber

In an attempt to stop San Francisco-based Uber from cutting into their taxi territory, German cabbies have persuaded a judge to prohibit their rival from picking up passengers, alleging the ride-sharing startup was an example of a "locust share-economy'' indulging Read More →

Hey, dude, are those SWAT guys part of our video game?

Jordan Mathewson, AKA Kootra to his online video-gaming mates, was left slack-jawed - as well as thrown face-down onto the floor of his Littleton, Colorado apartment, when cops busted into his place in the middle of a live-streaming video match. Yup. Read More →

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