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With more than 30 years on the front line of daily American journalism, I'm currently a staff writer with the San Jose Mercury News, covering Apple and writing people-centric business stories from Silicon Valley.

Germany beats Argentina. Millions of Facebookers and tweeters like it.

With the help of 88 million extremely enthusiastic users worldwide, the 2014 World Cup final on Sunday became the most-discussed Facebook event of all time. How much discussed? Try 280 million likes, posts and comments generated during game that featured Germany Read More →

What are you thinking right now about Google Glass?

Voice-controlled technology is so, oh, early 2014. Why rely on your vocal cords and mouth to ask Google Glass to snap a photo when a new attachment from a London start-up will let you do it through mind control? According to Read More →

Brazil’s not the only one blown away by its World Cup loss… so was Twitter

As Brazilians continue to weep openly in the streets, throw the occasional riot, burn the national flag, curse the team that let them down, and generally have a very bad day as a nation, Twitter is also trying to come Read More →

Now here’s a job for that slacker teenager of yours

Seeking an easy gig (for you OR your lazy kid) to make money this summer while simultaneously enjoying yourself immensely? Netflix is looking for more "taggers,'' folks they pay to watch TV and movies and improve the company's recommendation algorithm in Read More →

Apple’s looking for a java whiz to keep its staff nice and wired

One of the benefits of working at Apple, it appears, is easy access to a strong cup of joe from its in-house brew team. But what sort of perks do those human percolators get? Apply for the job of ''iCup Technician" and Read More →

Is the Internet doomed? Yes. And no.

In a thought-provoking — and somewhat alarming — survey by the Pew Research Internet Project,   a large number of experts expressed a wide range of fears in their prognosis for our global online network. But despite the concerns Read More →
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