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Michelle Quinn is a Business Columnist at the San Jose Mercury News. Prior to her current role, she was the Silicon Valley correspondent at Politico covering tech policy and politics. She has also covered the tech industry at the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. She was a blogger for the New York Times.

Tech looks to Congress for visa and green-card reforms

With the president's immigration action Thursday night, comprehensive reform will be harder to pass. Instead, what will likely happen is the piecemeal approach to immigration, something the tech industry has not supported the past couple years. But tech will have to do Read More →

Sen. Al Franken wants answers from Uber

Now, Uber is doing its privacy mop-up tour. The company has been in a public relations tailspin all week for comments made by a top executive about snooping on journalists critical of the ride sharing firm. As I wrote Wednesday, Read More →

Uber investigating executive for accessing a reporter’s Uber travel logs

Uber, the ride sharing service, is now investigating its top New York executive over allegations he accessed the reporter's Uber travel records without her permission and in violation of the company's privacy policy, reports Buzzfeed. The news comes during Read More →

Uber aggro: Executive proposes spying on critical reporters

Uber is in hot water after a top executive threatened to investigate journalists who criticized the ride sharing company, Buzzfeed's Ben Smith reported. According to Smith, the Uber executive, Emil Michael said at an event in New York that Read More →

The FTC slaps TRUSTe for not checking up on websites’ privacy practices

TRUSTe, the San Francisco-based firm that certifies websites for meeting user privacy standards, failed to perform annual company privacy audits, the Federal Trade Commission said Monday. The company has agreed to pay $200,000 to settle the charges. The FTC Read More →

Google Glass losing support among consumer app developers

Some app developers have stopped their Google Glass consumer projects, Reuters reports.  That is one troubling sign that Glass, nearly 2 years old and still in beta, may not have the developer support it needs to make Read More →

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