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Mike Murphy is a web producer at the Mercury News, and also writes for Good Morning Silicon Valley and 60-Second Business Break.

Streaming TV: Woody Allen coming to Amazon, ‘Community’ gets start date, and will Netflix lose BBC?

A few interesting streaming TV developments today: • Amazon Studios, fresh off its Golden Globes win for the comedy "Transparent," announced Tuesday it will air a new series written and directed by Woody Allen. It's the legendary writer-director's first foray into Read More →

2015 tech prediction: Streaming is the new black

While already popular in 2014, streaming TV will be everywhere in 2015. Netflix and Amazon Prime will pick up the pace and produce even more quality original content, and battle it out for Golden Globe and Emmy awards. Look for Read More →

The 5 biggest tech fails of 2014

In the tech world, we can't all be winners all the time. 2014 saw some rather spectacular failures. Here are our top (bottom?) five: 5. Google's Barge Remember the barge? This time last year, Silicon Valley was abuzz over just what Google Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what the tech world is talking about this morning: Sony's PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Xbox Live are still offline for many after being hit with a major denial-of-service attack on Christmas morning. "The Interview" is a hit Read More →

Quoted: Watching not because you like it, but…

"My favorite part about the "Interview" kerfuffle is watching Serious People engage with a lowbrow stoner comedy for the first time." -- Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist, in a tweet Friday. The controversial movie "The Interview" appears to be a Read More →

Off topic: Real-time Internet, tracking shots, media errors and dudes

Dude, check out the Internet in real-time, the numbers will blow your mind. And dude, speaking of mind-blowing, this appreciation of the best tracking shots from TV and movies will make you look at the screen Read More →

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