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Levi Sumagaysay is editor of the combined SiliconBeat and Good Morning Silicon Valley. She also helps take care of, the Mercury News tech website. Email: lsumagaysay (at) bayareanewsgroup (dot-com).

On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we've got your tech news links right here. In the first part of Charlie Rose's Tim Cook interview, the Apple CEO says the company has "taken steps with Apple TV"; identifies Google as the company's top competitor; Read More →

Quoted: VC Bill Gurley on Silicon Valley and risk

"You just slowly forget, and half of the entrepreneurs today, or maybe more — 60 percent or 70 percent — weren't around in '99, so they have no muscle memory whatsoever." — Bill Gurley, partner at Benchmark Read More →

Off topic: Rogue stuffing, chilling eggs, Twitter typos, long tongues

A winged guinea pig and a squirrel with a crab's body are among the spawn of rogue taxidermy. To wash and chill an egg, or not, that is the question. What a "bird of pray" looks Read More →

The Apple effect: on Sprint, PayPal, watchmakers

We've rounded up some news about how Apple's product launches and announcements this week are affecting/may affect other companies: • Sprint shares are up more than 6 percent today, and more than 20 percent since it announced this week an "iPhone Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

We've got your tech news links right here. Who's U2? Free album on iTunes irk some. Walmart, Best Buy won't be accepting Apple Pay. Netflix looks to Europe for growth, but it won't be easy. LinkedIn says China Read More →

Quoted: Jack Ma on Alibaba conquering the world

"In the past decade, we measured ourselves by how much we changed China. In the future, we will be judged by how much progress we bring to the world." — Jack Ma, Alibaba CEO, in a letter to investors Read More →

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