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Levi Sumagaysay is editor of the combined SiliconBeat and Good Morning Silicon Valley. She also helps take care of, the Mercury News tech website. Email: lsumagaysay (at) bayareanewsgroup (dot-com).

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what's on the Tuesday menu. Apple's iCloud attacked in China. Usernames and passwords, files, pictures, contacts at risk of being unencrypted and accessed. Chinese government denies involvement. Google Ventures leads $542 million investment in mysterious visualization-tech Read More →

Quoted: Aaron Levie on libertarianism in Silicon Valley

"There’s sort of a libertarian bent in the valley that occasionally goes too far." — Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, talks politics and Silicon Valley, where government regulations leave a bad taste in many people's mouths. "I would characterize Read More →

Off topic: Your life so far, sweet surprises, the word ‘snark,’ world’s tallest cow

Your Life on Earth generates a personalized look at how the world has changed since you were born. Finger-lickin' good: How three artificial sweeteners were accidentally discovered. Attention, all ye irritable critics: the history of and evolution of the Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

We've got your Monday tech news links right here. Marc Andreessen, who had clashed with Carl Icahn over the spinning off of PayPal, quits eBay board. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg joins board of influential business school in China, a Read More →

Quoted: Marc Andreessen, Satya Nadella on meritocracy and diversity in tech

"I think the critique that Silicon Valley companies are deliberately, systematically discriminatory is incorrect." — Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist, addresses the tech diversity question in an interview with New York Magazine. He cites two reasons for his view: Referring Read More →

Off topic: Read and remember, mermaid history, epic road trip, dangerous places

A look at the "10 books that have stayed with you" meme by country, based on Facebook data. (Previously.) A history of "our aquatic cousin," the mermaid. Are we there yet: A two-decade-plus Read More →

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