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Heather Somerville is a business reporter covering venture capital and startups for the Bay Area News Group.

Atlassian offers solution to the inefficient email inbox

There is another attempt to get rid of the inefficient and overwhelming inbox. This time, software company Atlassian says it has the answer to thousands of unread emails and threads that go on for days and are impossible to follow. Atlassian on Read More →

Coinbase makes history, raising largest-ever round for bitcoin startup

No matter how dubious you -- you, the general public, the consumer, the average person carrying a wallet with credit cards -- are about Internet currencies such as bitcoin, venture capitalists and Wall Street are just downright giddy about them. Coinbase, one Read More →

Instacart, the grocery delivery app, now delivering from Petco

This post has been updated to accurately reflect how items on Instacart's app are priced. Previously, the post had incorrectly stated that Instacart determines prices for all items on its platform. That was Instacart's previous model, and for the most part, Read More →

After landing $15 billion valuation, Palantir looks to raise more money

Palantir Technologies -- the big data company founded by entrepreneur and billionaire investor Peter Thiel -- is looking to raise yet another round of capital, after landing $500 million from investors last year. Palo Alto-based Palantir is in the process Read More →

VCs pumped $20 billion into software startups in 2014

In the record-shattering year of venture investing, there is one industry that dominated. Software. Yes, software has always been huge -- venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously said years ago that "Software is eating the world." But in 2014, it reached unseen levels of funding. Why? Read More →

Zenefits releases growth numbers: headed for $100M in revenue

That  Zenefits was likely the fastest-growing software startup was no secret in the world of software. But the company offered some insight on just how quickly its growing when it released numbers on Wednesday -- an unusual move for a private company. Read More →

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