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Brandon Bailey covers Google, Facebook and Yahoo for the San Jose Mercury News, reporting on the business and culture of the Internet.

Facebook insider leaving for new “adventuring”

Influential Facebook executive Sam Lessin is leaving the social networking giant, saying he plans to spend some time “kite-surfing, skiing, and general adventuring / possibly some trouble making.” Lessin has been vice president of product at Facebook since the company Read More →

Twitter adds a new feature for the “blue-checkmark” crowd …

More perks for the elite:  Twitter is adding a new feature for famous people that will let them know when another famous person has followed them on Twitter. It’s part of a strategy to encourage celebrities, "thought leaders" and other influential Read More →

Facebook “emotion study” co-author talks about developing new ethics guidelines

The Cornell researcher who helped lead a controversial Facebook experiment has broken his silence, saying he never realized that people would be upset at learning their News Feeds were altered – without their consent – to see if it made Read More →

Google’s anti-aging health-tech spinoff, Calico, now has a website

It was almost a year ago that Google announced a health-tech spinoff with the ambitious goal of studying the aging process to extend human life.  The company, dubbed Calico, has been in stealth mode ever since. But now, at least, Read More →

Google investing in new super-fast Pacific Internet cable

Google is investing in a high-speed underwater Internet cable that can transmit data “10 million times faster than your cable modem.” You won’t see that kind of speed the next time you do an Internet search on your laptop, of course. Read More →

Facebook said to be exploring full-length virtual reality movies

Forget 3D. Are you ready for virtual reality movies? Facebook is having exploratory talks with Hollywood executives about the possibility of creating immersive content – including full-length movies – for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, according to a Read More →
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