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Rex Crum

Rex Crum

Joined on: January 14th, 2016


Rex Crum is the Senior Web Editor, Business for the Mercury News. He has written about technology and the business of technology for more than a decade. When he isn't covering business or technology, he plays dad to his two young daughters and lives and dies along with his hometown Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks. Contact him at 408-278-3415 and follow him on Twitter.com/rexcrum

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  • jakeleone

    InfoSys recently paid a huge settlement, 34 million dollars, for fraud related to their misuse of the B-1 visa.

    Look, these contractor are lying on Federal forms, and in doing so they are avoid State and Federal taxes.

    We know there 170 such workers at Tesla, why isn’t the government pushing for the tax money that is due?