Tesla to organizers of female-exploitation event: no Model X for you

After a pair of female undercover reporters exposed rampant sexual exploitation of women at a men-only, black-tie charity dinner billed as “the most un-PC event of the year,” a reportedly disgusted Tesla has withdrawn its sale of a Model X that was auctioned off at the event.

Two reporters from the Financial Times got into the annual Presidents Club Charity Dinner in London, and the news outlet reported their experiences in a widely read exposé published Jan. 23.

More than 350 bigwigs in British industry, politics and finance were served by 130 “specially hired hostesses,” the FT reported.

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Among those hostesses were two reporter-moles from the FT, and reporters were also able to access surrounding bars and the dining hall, according to the FT.

Hostesses had been instructed to wear “skimpy black outfits with matching underwear and high heels.”

“Over the course of six hours, many of the hostesses were subjected to groping, lewd comments and repeated requests to join diners in bedrooms,” according to the FT.

Some of the women said men had repeatedly put their hands up their skirts, and one said an attendee had exposed his genitals to her, the FT reported.

Now, this was a charity event that’s been a “mainstay of London’s social calendar for 33 years,” according to the FT, and it’s raised more than $28 million since it first started. Apparently, male misbehavior is somewhat of a tradition at the fundraiser — the woman in charge of procuring hostesses for it, according to the FT, said, “Some girls love it, and for other girls it’s the worst job of their life and they will never do it again . . . You just have to put up with the annoying men and if you can do that it’s fine.”

On the night in question, nearly $3 million was raised for charity — but now it appears some of that may be clawed back.

Tesla, which had sold one of its Model X SUVs to the Presidents Club for its charity auction, has now cancelled the sale, the FT reported Jan. 24.

The Palo Alto electric car maker described the night’s events as  ‘disgusting,’ and said it refused to support any group that would play host to such behavior, according to the FT.

“BMW has followed Tesla’s lead and cancelled the sale of an i8 supercar that was also auctioned at the event,” the FT reported.


Photo: A prototype of Tesla’s Model X in 2013 (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)


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  • bentbike2wice

    Well done BMW and Tesla! We continue to see people in power exploit their influence. This isn’t much to ask; just play 70/30 power with your subordinates; not 100/0!

  • Kevin Campbell

    I agree, pull the asset from an outdated and obviously stealth information gathering mission of disgusting actors, let them raise their own goods to auction away for funding the “Charity” money?Presidents Club to close after harassment scandal. that’s what you get adios freebies,,, see(https://www.ft.com/content/b07c37e8-00fa-11e8-9650-9c0ad2d7c5b5)

  • redpill2010

    Forget the cars, how about some names.