Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos out-Gateses Gates with $105 billion worth

The new more-or-less official king of capitalism is none other than nearly everyone’s favorite purveyor of online goods: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

After a year-long stock-price surge and a bountiful holiday season, Amazon’s stock shot to a $1,257 opening Jan. 9, boosting Bezos’ worth to $105 billion, according to a new report.

“The latest jump has pushed Bezos’s fortune definitively above the high reached by Microsoft Corp.’s Bill Gates in 1999,” Bloomberg reported.

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“The Amazon founder passed Gates in October with a net worth of $93.8 billion and his fortune crossed $100 billion for the first time a month later when the holiday shopping season kicked off on Black Friday.”

As of Jan. 9, Gates was listed on Bloomberg’s “Billionaires Index” as being worth a measly $93.3 billion, enough to put him at No. 2 on the list but behind Bezos by a substantial number of billions.

But just in case Bezos gets a big head over apparently besting Gates on money-bagging, it’s worth pointing out, as Bloomberg did, that Gates would be worth more than $150 billion if he’d hung onto assets he’s given away.

Seattle Times reporter Mike Rosenberg noted on Twitter that Bezos had “made an extra $6.6 billion” in the first nine days of 2018. That’s a billion dollars more than the entire annual budget for Seattle, the city Amazon calls home, Rosenberg tweeted.

Rounding out the top 5 on Bloomberg’s billionaires list are investor Warren Buffett at No. 3, with $87.3 billion; Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with $77.3 billion at No. 4; and Spanish retail magnate Amancio Ortega with $76.6 billion at No. 5.


 Photo: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in 2017 (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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  • Bill Shaefer

    Mr Bezos has done a great job shepherding Amazon though its startup and growth. I think he is probably a greater merchant than Sam Walton plus he doesn’t have a bunch of worthless kids living on his sweat and equity.

  • Narg

    Why does anyone need to be this rich? I don’t understand the mentality that doesn’t pay-it-forward and give more to the hardworking folks that get them to this place.