Will Peter Thiel launch a Fox News alternative?

Peter Thiel, cable news mogul?

The billionaire tech investor — who secretly funded the Hulk Hogan lawsuit that eventually killed off Gawker Media — is looking to form a conservative cable news network, according to a couple of reports.

BuzzFeed, citing anonymous sources, reports that Thiel, whose wealth comes from being a PayPal and Palantir founder, early Facebook investor and apparently a bitcoin believer, may be looking to secure some other wealthy partners in the venture: the Mercers, the ultra-rich family known for their backing of conservative causes, including Breitbart News.

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The BuzzFeed report refers to an upcoming book about President Trump’s White House, “Fire and Fury.” That book mentions that Thiel was set to talk about building the cable news network with Roger Ailes of Fox News fame, but Ailes died a couple of days before the scheduled May 2017 meeting.

According to other reported excerpts from the book, Thiel — a libertarian and the most prominent supporter of Trump in the tech world — was “worried that Trump could bring Trumpism down” and was looking to create an alternative to Fox News.

Media pundit Jeff Jarvis, a liberal, tweeted:

Is that fair? Thiel is a longtime libertarian who has apologized for writing during his Stanford days that “a multicultural rape charge may indicate nothing more than belated regret.” That appeared in “The Diversity Myth,” a book he co-wrote with David Sacks, in which they complained about multiculturalism, diversity, gender studies and political correctness on college campuses. In an essay in the National Review in 2011, he slammed hippies, the left and what he called “fake cultural wars around identity politics.”

A short summary of Thiel’s previous media experience: It includes a longtime grudge against Gawker, which reported he was gay during the dot-com days. After helping bankrupt Gawker by bankrolling Hogan’s lawsuit against it, Thiel reportedly was looking to bid for the now-defunct site’s archives near the end of last year. He co-founded the conservative Stanford Review and reportedly continues to be an influence there. And of course he sits on the board of Facebook, which is a major news source.

A spokesman for Thiel has not returned a request for comment about the reports about the purported cable news network.

By the way, the “Fire and Fury” book also suggests Thiel’s support of Trump — Thiel had a primetime speech during the Republican National Convention — hasn’t paid off.

Thiel was “absolutely was certain of Trump’s sincerity when he said they’d be friends for life—only never to basically hear from him again or have his calls returned,” according to an excerpt reported by the Daily Beast.

Trump is now trying to stop the public release of “Fire and Fury.” Charles Harder, the same lawyer who led Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker, has sent a cease-and-desist letter to author Michael Wolff and his publisher.


Photo: Peter Thiel delivers a speech at the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)


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