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Here’s what’s going on in tech on Friday…

–Apple has apologized for slowing down older iPhones. Needless to say, the apology, and price cut on replacement iPhone batteries, isn’t enough for some.

–Someone is reading all that “fake news” on Facebook, as the top 50 most-viral fake news stories in 2017 generated more engagement than the top 50 such stories a year ago.

–On the last trading day of the year, stocks are putting in a pretty mild performance. Except for TiVo, which has seen its shares rise almost 13 percent on reports that it has been approached by some private-equity firms about a possible buyout.

–It’s possible that 2018 could be an “epic” year for initial public stock offerings. And here are 12 companies seen as potentially adding to next year’s IPO party.

–Some major tech companies could find themselves in the middle of a big policy battle next year as Congress looks at ways of tamping down on the online sex trade. Several internet companies, in particular, are concerned about losing prior immunity in such matters that have been granted under federal law

–Did you buy one of Google’s Pixel C Android tablets? Had you even heard of Google’s Pixel C Android tablets? Whatever the case, Google has stopped selling the Pixel C Android tablet, opting to go solely with Chromebook on the tablet front.

–A couple of Italian brothers have won the right to use the name of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as the brand for their business which sells clothes and accessories. The brothers plan on expanding the “Steve Jobs” brand to electronics and other products.

Photo: In this Thursday, March 24, 2016, file photo, from left, the iPhone 6S Plus, 6S and SE lie next to each other in a comparison photograph, in New York. On Thursday, Apple issued an apology for slowing down the performance of some older iPhone models in order to preserve battery life. The apology fell short for some iPhone owners. (Courtesy: AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, File)


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  • Thinkman

    Oh yeah, and add to that the fact that we live in a litigious society, which has been true for decades. Too many people would rather to grouse about how badly they’ve been treated and sue, rather than accept Apple’s explanation (which is TOTALLY valid) and take them up on their generous offer!

  • omegatalon

    Apple’s explanation borders on insanity because an Apple iPhone or iPad does ‘NOT’ know when the battery is running low on charge and slow down to conserve power, this just doesn’t happen in the real world; what the Courts need to do is have Apple patch their IOS or buy back every iPhone or iPad they ever made even if it forces the company into bankruptcy.