Off Topic: Boxing Day; upside down Christmas, a very big electrical bill and weirdness from Florida

If you are from Mother England, or are familiar with the calendars of countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand, then you know today is Boxing Day. If you are like many Americans, you might wonder just what Boxing Day is for (including big shopping deals)…And if you felt Christmas might have turned you upside down, some folks took that feeling literally this year…When you get a $284¬†billion electrical bill, there has to be a reason other than you left the Christmas lights on too long…Remember, 911 isn’t for when you feel your dinner portion at a restaurant is too small. Unless you are this Florida man.


Photo: Shoppers take advantage of the Boxing Day sales in Liverpool city center, England, Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017. (Courtesy: Peter Byrne/PA via AP).


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