On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s going on in tech.

Is Apple really all that? Putting Apple’s record as the most valuable public company ever in perspective. (NYT)

Silicon Valley workers likely to see some benefits from the GOP tax bill. (Reuters)

Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung: visualizing how tech companies own our days. (Bloomberg)

Apple reverses guidelines that would’ve killed thousands of small-business apps in the App Store. (WaPo)

Apple developing EKG heart monitor for Watch. (Bloomberg)

Sequoia in talks to raise largest VC fund in the nation: $5 billion. (WSJ)

Edward Snowden’s new app turns Android phones into home security systems. (Wired)

Maybe hold off on your “blockchain” or “bitcoin” name change: Bitcoin has plunged about 25 percent this week. (Bloomberg)

And here’s all the stuff a Redditor got in this year’s gift exchange, courtesy of her Secret Santa, who was none other than Bill Gates. (Reddit)


Photo: Bill Gates in 2015. (Christophe Ena/AP/Pool)


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