On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s going on in tech.

U.S. blames North Korea for “WannaCry” cyber attack; Britain also pointing the finger at North Korea. (Bloomberg)

HQ Trivia’s founders are facing fundraising roadblocks after investors learned of their alleged bad behavior toward women while they were working at Twitter. (Recode)

Tech companies could actually see their taxes rise under the new GOP tax plan, some tax experts say. That’s because the plan includes provisions that puts a minimum tax on overseas profits. (WSJ)

Uber driver in Lebanon arrested in British diplomat’s death. Officials say she was raped. (WSJ)

Facebook abuses its dominance to collect data, Germany says. (WSJ)

After Twitter the accounts of Britain First and its leaders, Facebook grilled by UK lawmakers on what it’s going to do about the far-right group. (BBC)

UPS pre-orders 125 Tesla electric semi-trucks, the largest order yet. (Reuters)

PWC report: Netflix and cable are neck and neck; number of pay TV subscribers continues to fall.

New York City moves to create accountability for algorithms, establishing a task force to study how city agencies use algorithms to make decisions that affect New Yorkers’ lives. (ProPublica)

Kaspersky Lab asks court to overturn U.S. government software ban. (Reuters)

France orders WhatsApp to stop sharing user data with Facebook without consent. (Guardian)


Photo: Employees watch electronic boards to monitor possible ransomware cyberattacks at the Korea Internet and Security Agency in Seoul, South Korea, on May 15, 2017. The United States and the United Kingdom are now blaming North Korea for the “WannaCry” ransomware attacks earlier this year. (Yun Dong-jin/Yonhap via AP)


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