Some Trump retweets gone as Twitter steps up crackdown on abuse

Twitter has finally taken down some tweets by President Trump.

With the company’s stepped-up crackdown on hate and abuse on its platform, it suspended on Monday the accounts of a couple of Britain First leaders, including that of Jayda Fransen, whose videos showing purported violence by Muslims was retweeted by Trump in November. Those retweets are no longer visible on Trump’s timeline.

The suspensions are an about-face for Twitter, which at first said the tweets were newsworthy, then changed its reason for allowing them to remain by saying they didn’t violate its policy.

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Now, after the social networking site said it is beginning to enforce new rules “to create a safer environment for everyone,” it is purging some far-right accounts. Besides Fransen’s account, Twitter also has suspended the accounts of Paul Golding, another Britain First leader, as well as that of the organization itself. U.S.-based far-right accounts that have reportedly been suspended include that of the American Nazi Party, American Renaissance and more.

Twitter’s new rules, announced last month, include getting tougher on “accounts that affiliate with organizations that use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes,” and¬†“content that glorifies violence or the perpetrators of a violent act.”

San Francisco-based Twitter is often urged to ban Nazis — and it has gone back on forth on suspending accounts or taking away verifications of white supremacists — but has taken heat from all sides on the issue. The far right complains that Twitter and other tech companies are trampling on their rights to free speech.

A Twitter spokeswoman said Monday that the company “will be suspending accounts that violate our policies from today and going forward. We do not have a specific number to share but will let you know if that changes.”

Twitter has also been called on to suspend Trump for myriad reasons, but that appears unlikely because the company has often excused his tweets as newsworthy.


Photo:¬†Twitter’s app on an iPhone screen. (Richard Drew/AP)


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  • Francisco Cardoza

    When will media learn that the only reason that the stupid things Trump says are newsworthy is because they put them on the news.