Uber to settle with Texas woman raped by driver in India

Uber has agreed to a settlement with a Texas woman raped by one of the company’s drivers in India in 2014, according to a new report.

The driver, Shiv Kumar Yaday, was convicted in 2015 of the attack in Delhi and sentenced to life in prison. He had diverged from the route to the residence of the woman — identified in the suit as “Jane Doe” — and then switched off his phone so he couldn’t be traced, the New York Times reported shortly after the lawsuit was filed.

The rape survivor then filed suit this year, in June, after coming to believe Uber had acquired a copy of her confidential medical records from Delhi police. She sued Uber along with former CEO Travis Kalanick and former high executives Eric Alexander and Emil Michael. Michael fought in court to have the claims against him dismissed. In October the plaintiff dropped the claims against Michael in a “without prejudice” dismissal, meaning the claims could conceivably be revived.

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“Plaintiff was violated physically when she was brutally raped in Delhi, India by her Uber driver,” the lawsuit said.

“Sadly, in the United States, Uber executives violated her a second time by unlawfully obtaining and sharing her medical records from that vicious sexual assault and have failed, as of the date of this filing, to apologize to her for this outrageous conduct.”

The lawsuit claimed that after the woman was examined by a doctor immediately following the rape, Alexander obtained copies of her medical records and showed them to Kalanick and Michael. The three men talked with numerous other Uber staff members and then “disseminated a defamatory theory that plaintiff had ‘made up’ her rape and was colluding with a rival taxi/ride-hailing company to jettison Uber’s business in India,” according to the suit.

Michael, in his successful argument to get himself removed from the lawsuit, said in a court document that, “there is no allegation that Mr. Michael was the source of any information about the plaintiff that was disclosed to the public.”

The lawsuit also made reference to media reports saying Kalanick and others doubted the woman’s account of her rape, the New York Times reported.

The terms of the pending settlement — which was revealed through a court filing Friday, according to the Times — were not made public.

The paper said it had been unable to immediately reach Uber representatives or a lawyer for the woman. Uber has said in the past that, “No one should have to go through a horrific experience like this, and we’re truly sorry that she’s had to relive it.”


Photo: The logo of the ride-sharing service Uber is seen in front of its headquarters in San Francisco in 2016. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


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