Randi Zuckerberg slams Alaska Airlines after passenger allegedly harassed her

Randi Zuckerberg berated Alaska Airlines on Twitter and Facebook  after she was allegedly harassed on a flight by a passenger who made “explicit, lewd and highly offensive sexual comments” while seated next to her.

Zuckerberg — the founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media and the sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg — claims that flight attendants brushed off the complaint, told her he was a frequent flier and continued giving him more alcoholic drinks.

“I am furious that he thought it was appropriate to say those things to me, a complete stranger. But I am even more furious with Alaska Airlines for knowingly and willingly providing this man with a platform to harass women,” she wrote in a letter to Alaska Airlines.

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Alaska Airlines told Zuckerberg on Wednesday night that the company is looking into the complaint.

“What you have shared with us is very disturbing. We have launched an investigation and have revoked this passenger’s travel privileges pending the outcome of that investigation. We wish to discuss this further with you,” the airline tweeted to Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg didn’t identify the passenger’s name in the letter, but said he talked to her about touching himself and rating the bodies of the women who boarded the plane.

Flight attendants told her not to take the passenger’s remarks personally and noted that the man just doesn’t have a filter, she wrote.

They asked Zuckerberg if she wanted to move to a middle seat in the back, but then she thought to herself “why should I have to move? I am the one being harassed!”

Zuckerberg, who was on a flight from Los Angeles to Mazatlan, said she stayed in the same seat as the man continued to make inappropriate comments to her and drink more alcohol.

Upset customers such as Zuckerberg have turned to social media in the past to publicly complain about businesses.

“While it never should have happened in the first place, I am thankful that they are taking the situation seriously,” she wrote on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo: Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, participates in the BUILD Speaker Series Be Fierce tech panel in New York on Oct. 17, 2017. Alaska Airlines says it’s investigating a claim that flight attendants allowed a passenger to sexually harass Zuckerberg on a flight. (Andy Kropa/Invision/AP)


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  • Taxpayer

    Poor baby! Change seats , and by the way welcome to the real world.

    I am even more furious with Facebook for knowingly and willingly providing this women with a platform to harass men.

    • Mike Douglas

      Lol the real world? A woman is supposed to sit there while this man makes obnoxious comments to no one in particular? No wonder you pathetic “Christians” support Trump.

      And, the singular is woman, you uneducated dolt. I’m more upset that the Mercury News comments willingly provide morons like you a platform to spout your bigotry.

    • Candid One

      Men are forever compensating for their insecurities. Poor babies!

      • Minority

        And with no proof, she is nothing but another lying woman until she can prove it otherwise.

    • Mike Douglas

      What a sad, sad world you live in when you think this is normal.

  • Ha ha ha, she wants Alaska airlines to be just like Facebook where you’re not allowed the 1st Amendment.

    • Mike Douglas

      Ha ha ha, another uneducated conservative thinks the First Amendment applies to private companies. LOL.

      • Mike Douglas

        And before one of you fools says that Facebook is public, the definition of private in this case is government vs non-government.

    • Candid One

      Gratuitous personal insults are not protected speech. It’s also bad business. AA will jump through hoops to recover from this bungling steward’s mistakes. It’ll cost AA much much more than frequent flyer miles.

      • Minority

        Public Figures, by definition a CEO and Founder of one of the most recognized names alive today, have no such protections from personal insults. Might want to look up the SCOTUS case NYT vs Sullivan.

        She must prove actual malice in order to stifle his words

    • Mike Douglas

      Ha ha ha, another conservative who thinks that the 1st Amendment applies to private companies.

      Why are airlines allowed to throw people off their flights for being too drunk? Because you agree to a contract when you buy a ticket.

      • You might just have a case if it were not for that whole baking a cake problem.

      • Minority

        Airlines can only stifle speech if it’s hate or threatening…might want to look up FAA laws.

        “Why are airlines allowed to throw people off their flights for being too drunk?”
        That is easy and specifically mentioned in lawsuits over such treatment, it’s deemed public intoxication and therefore not protected.

        They may be private, but they are federally regulated and must abide by the Constitution.

  • meowmeow

    The guy probably had Terrets Syndrome. How dare you point out his disabilities and trash him and that airline all over the news. Real women move to another seat and don’t cry about it all over the web. Next time take your private jet.

    • Mike Douglas

      Uh, or he was just a guy like you who doesn’t care.

    • Candid One

      The guy should be protected from himself. He doesn’t have more latitude to be socially abusive and obscene than anyone else. AA will change its policies and protocols, at least to parry future lawsuits, if not to recover from the negative publicity.

    • Tourette’s. This is more than Tourette’s.
      Still, such behavior should not be tolerated by or to either gender.

      • Minority

        Alleged behavior…

  • Mike Douglas

    If a woman sat next to you and was commenting on the size of other passengers’ penises and talking about how cute their tushes were, most of you guys would freak out. WAKE UP.

    • Taxpayer

      Obviously a Russian Bot stirring up the masses , how else could this gibberish be constantly trolled thru thousand of comments.

      Я уверен, что Вы понимаете

      • Mike Douglas

        Who are you responding to?

    • Minority

      Women are the first to be vocal about how fat someone is on a plane

  • Steve Gonzales

    Where’s the video? You should had pulled out your phone and start recording. It works wonder to put those up on youtube & facebook.

  • Jojo Potato

    Sorry baby. Your brother is not the king of the world and in fact you are nothing special. Why don’t you borrow a few bucks from big Zuck and fly private? Or maybe contact those Kardashian women to get some tips on special treatment.

    • Mike Douglas

      You have to be special to not be subjected to that?

  • J. Coley

    This is Trump’s America now, so she needs to keep her trap shut and let the man be a man.

    Even if there was video evidence, it would have probably been FAKE, made by her CGI-knowing friends in Hollywood. But since there’s no evidence, it didn’t happen.


  • charlie hustle

    when rich people are offended, it makes the news.

  • Jaime Toledo

    Money talks, c a c a walks.

  • TheDom

    Ah poor entitled Randi in 1st class no less, now you know what it’s like flying cattle car and having a rude passenger..

    You think this guy cares? Probably retired and could give rats about SH on a plane.

  • Jamie K.

    Yikes! Well, you’ve got your platform to complain. It won’t affect my decision on flying the airline. I stick my earbuds into my ears and morons like the one next to you dissipate into nothingness…

  • L Wms

    So fly private if you can’t stand being around normal people.

    • lucenatraveler

      L Wms,

      I get your point but being obnoxious should not in any way be considered “normal”.

  • General Lawlessness

    Where’s the video? You had 3 hours Zuckerbergette. You couldn’t think fast enough to Facebook Live his egregious behavior from your first class WIFI enabled seats?

  • This is really bad news. This should not happen.