Cyber Monday online shopping reached $6.59 billion, Adobe says

Did you go to Amazon yesterday and pick up that Instant Pot countertop pressure cooker that you had your eye on for a while?

Maybe you actually listened to your wife (Hi, Sweetie!) and ponied up for that makeup she asked for, and which you could get online from Macy’s with free shipping.

Or, did you spend some time deciphering your kids’ Christmas list before scouring the internet and then paying more than you ever thought you would for (insert whatever it was that the little monsters darlings have been haranguing you about for the last several weeks)?

Well, if you did, congratulations. You helped set a record for Cyber Monday spending online.

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Adobe Systems has released its data on all the shopping that occurred on Cyber Monday, and it was enough to build about half of a U.S. aircraft carrier: We spent $6.59 billion on online shopping yesterday. America’s credit card companies would like to express their gratitude for your effort in keeping the economy going.

Adobe’s data, which comes from the company’s analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and a bunch of other technologies, said that $6.59 billion figure was nearly 17 percent higher over Cyber Monday 2016. To put that amount into perspective, Adobe said Black Friday online sales totaled $5.03 billion. And on Thanksgiving Day, in between all the gorging on turkey, watching of football on TV, and passing out in front of the TV after gorging on turkey, consumers found the time to spend $2.87 billion on filling out the wish lists of their family members and friends.

It should come as no surprise that electronics were hot items for shoppers on Cyber Monday. Adobe said the most popular gadgets people bought included the Nintendo Switch game device, Apple AirPods and video-streaming products such as the Google Chromecast and Roku devices. Some more “traditional” gifts were flying off the virtual shelves, too, with Hatchimals, Colleggtible figurines and PJ Masks among the we-gotta-get-these-things-before-anyone-else-does-so-our-kids-will-love-us purchases.

Adobe said Monday was the biggest day ever for online shopping, and mobile devices became more of a must-use tool for buying than ever before. According to Adobe, mobile had its first $2 billion retail day on Monday, with smartphones making up 37.6 percent of all retail visits online. Sales via smartphones totaled 21.3 percent of all Cyber Monday revenue. The average order value (AOV) made on an Apple iPhone was $123, while AOV for Android devices was $112.

But wait! What’s that? You didn’t finish all your online shopping on Cyber Monday? Well, don’t sweat it. You can still charge up that phone and even use it to buy a new one, if you like. Adobe says that by the end of the year, 2017 should be the first year to top $100 billion in online holiday sales. There are probably still a few deals to be had.

Photo: A Cyber Monday online ad from electronics retailer Best Buy. Adobe Systems said people spent a Cyber Monday record of $6.59 billion shopping online on Monday. (Courtesy BusinessWire)


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