On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s going on in tech.

The FBI failed to notify scores of U.S. officials that Russian hackers were trying to break into their personal Gmail accounts. (AP)

Google denies it changes algorithms to de-rank individual websites as it seeks to appease Russia after Chairman Eric Schmidt’s recent comments. (Reuters)

Twitter bans and blocks:

  • Twitter blocks one of the New York Times’ accounts by mistake. (BBC)
  • Roger Stone vows “mother of all lawsuits” against Twitter. (His Instagram post)
  • Twitter suspends more propaganda accounts. (BuzzFeed)

YouTube investigates autofill results that include “how to have s** with your kids.” (BBC)

Imgur says 1.7 million emails and passwords were breached in 2014 hack. (TechCrunch)

Court halts Uber’s trial program in Israel. (Reuters)


Illustration by Charlotte Observer via KRT archives


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