On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s going on in tech.

Missouri Attorney General launches probe into Google’s business practices. (WSJ)

The Senate tax reform bill would drastically affect Silicon Valley tech companies because it would tax stock options when they vest as opposed to when they’re exercised. (CNBC)

Uber confirms SoftBank investment deal. (Business Insider)

Elon Musk hypes Tesla’s semi truck, which will be unveiled at 8 p.m. Thursday. (Musk’s tweet)

A look at how Shadow Brokers hackers (attackers of banks and hospitals and FedEx earlier this year) have wreaked havoc at the NSA, whose cyber tools were leaked. (NYT)

ICYMI: What tech companies say about sexual harassment and non-disclosure agreements. (BuzzFeed)

Chinese-made surveillance cameras are common in the United States, prompting security concerns. (WSJ)

Bill Gates makes $50 million personal donation to help with Alzheimer’s research. (His blog post)

ICYMI: Musical.ly, a Chinese app that’s huge in the U.S. and Europe, sells for $1 billion. (NYT)

Maker of Lovense sex toy app acknowledges that the toy recorded and stored nearby sounds, blames a bug. (BBC)


Photo: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in 2008. (Bebeto Matthews/AP)


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  • neritic

    All the thefts at NSA appear to be by booz allen hamilton employees.