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Here’s what’s going on in tech on Friday…

–An employment tribunal in the U.K. rules that Uber drivers there aren’t independent contractors in a case that could re-shape how Uber pays and provides benefits to its drivers.

Could cold weather affect your iPhone X? After getting reports that the phone might not recognize some basic actions on it touchscreen, Apple pledges to fix the matter.

–YouTube is putting in place new restrictions to clamp down on content aimed at children that may be considered violent or involve “inappropriate use of family entertainment characters,” including unofficial use of branded characters.

–ICYMI…Sean Parker, one-time Facebook president, speaks out against the company that made him a billionaire saying Facebook’s founders set it up to exploit “a vulnerability in human psychology.” Parker added, “God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”

–IBM throws down the gauntlet in the world of quantum computing by saying it has built a quantum computer that can handle 50 quantum bits, or qubits. Big blue said it is also building a 20-qubit system that will be made available through its cloud computing platform.

–Video game giant Electronic Arts has acquired Respawn Entertainment, and its Titanfall game franchise. The deal is said to be worth as much as $455 million. Respawn is also working on a new “Star Wars” game title.

–Bad news for Yelp? Facebook launches Facebook Local, a re-branding of its Events app, that is meant to steal the thunder away from Yelp and its reviews and recommendation of events and places near you.

–Chipmaker Nvidia sees its shares rise as much as 6 percent after an upbeat quarterly report and evidence that it’s still doing well in the graphics and artificial intelligence markets.

Photo: This Wednesday, June 21, 2017, file photo shows the building that houses the headquarters of Uber, in San Francisco. A labor tribunal in the UK has ruled that Uber drivers are not independent contractors and are eligible for wages, time off and other benefits. (Courtesy: AP/Eric Risberg/File)




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