Off Topic: North Korea’s internet; Paddington’s potty mouth? Extreme family ties. A lawnmower, a DUI and Florida

If you ever thought the stuff you find on the internet can be, well, odd, then imagine what the internet in North Korea must be like…Everyone loves Paddington the bear, but does he need to clean up his language?…She married her mom, who was one married to her son? Uh, OK…Maybe he was trying to re-enact the famous tale about country music legend George Jones, but a Florida man found out you can get a DUI while riding your lawnmower.


Photo: In this Friday, June 16, 2017 photo, the homepage of the Sci-Tech complex is seen on a computer screen in Pyongyang, North Korea. Words in Korean say: “The Science and Technology Hall” (Courtesy:AP/Eric Talmadge)


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