DFJ investigating co-founder Steve Jurvetson, a Tesla board member, for misconduct

One of the best-known founders of one of the best-known Bay Area venture capital firms is said to be under investigation by his own company for what is being called “misconduct.”

Steve Jurvetson, a founding partner of DFJ, is being investigated for some form of alleged misconduct, but no other details about the matter have been disclosed. According to various reports, DFJ hired a law firm during the summer to investigate Jurvetson after hearing rumors about his behavior. The VC firm is said to have not yet received any formal complaints against Jurvetson, however.

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Jurvetson, who founded DFJ along with Tim Draper and John Fisher, in 1985, is known for being an early investor in companies such as Hotmail, before it was acquired by Microsoft, and Tesla. Jurvetson also sits on the Tesla board of directors, and was the first person to own a Tesla Model S, the company’s first mass-produced vehicle.

The investigation into Jurvetson’s reported misconduct comes at a time of deep scrutiny of the behavior of the executives at several Bay Area companies. Most notably, allegations of sexual harassment against several Uber executives by former company engineer Susan Fowler led to several resignations at the ride-sharing company, including that of former Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick.

And in July, 500 Startups co-founder Dave McClure quit the company after multiple female entrepreneurs said he made unwanted advances toward them.

Photo: Steve Jurvetson, partner and co-founder of VC firm DFJ. Jurvetson is said to be under investigation by his company for possible misconduct. (Courtesy DFJ)


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  • shipdog7

    Boys will be boys. It was good while it lasted guys. Sexual harassment has been tolerated in the past. But it is long gone now. I would hope every female out there would come forward when her male peers or management come on to them. And yet when it comes down to do you lose your good paying job as a result of reporting it? Do you get blackballed? Enough is enough.