Off topic: National Book Awards finalists, radioactive boars, losing religion, the real Madame Tussaud

To add to your reading list, here are the 2017 National Book Awards finalists. Three decades after Chernobyl, radioactive wild boars — thanks to nuclear mushrooms. Don’t blame it on the college professors: Studies show more people are leaving religion at a younger age than before. And the real Madame Tussaud loved to make death masks of freshly executed criminals.

Photo:┬áManny Matos helps Anthony Stallone of Seaford, New York, put on a tuxedo jacket and bow tie so he can take a photo with the wedding-dress-clad wax figure of Jennifer Lopez at Madame Tussaud’s on New York’s 42nd Street, June 11, 2004. As the first interactive Tussaud figure, she blushes when someone blows in her ear. (Richard Drew/AP)


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