Intel (and LeBron James) are inside new self-driving car tech commercial

What? Wasn’t Steph Curry available?

Actually, Curry was already busy in his own car ad, for Infiniti, which also features his daughter, Riley. Maybe that’s why Intel decided to go with Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James for its new self-driving car technology commercial campaign.

Yes, that is James you will be seeing in the Intel ads, which are said to be the first to really push driverless car technology.

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Now, just to be clear, Intel itself isn’t getting into the car-manufacturing business. And the commercials featuring James don’t mention any car by brand or manufacturer. Instead, the focus of the “Fearless” campaign is meant to show that self-driving cars are perfectly save to get into, and ride around a city’s downtown area. Especially if you are LeBron James who, after a second of trepidation, gets into the car, goes for a spin, and, instead of getting out at the end of his ride, tells his friends who are waiting for him that he is keeping his driverless ride.

The Intel logo then appears on the screen.

It actually should be no surprise that Intel is working with James, as he has been in the chipmaker’s ads for nearly a year. And as Intel recently spent more than $15 billion on autonomous-driving technology company Mobileye to build up it self-driving tech operations, it makes sense that the company would want to have one of the world’s best-known athletes at the center of one if its biggest ad pushes in years.

It’s also a potentially historic move for Intel, as the commercials featuring James are the first to promote self-driving cars to the average consumer. With the NBA season set to start in in just a week, Intel wants to show it will be a player to reckoned with in the self-driving car market.

Photo: The Intel logo is displayed on the exterior of Intel headquarters in Santa Clara in 2011. Intel is featuring Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James in new TV commercials for the chipmaker’s self-driving car technology. (Paul Sakuma/AP)


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