On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s on the Thursday menu.

Facebook launches Watch video service to all users in effort to compete with YouTube. (Reuters)

Benchmark vs. Travis Kalanick: In a win for the former CEO, a judge rules that the effort to kick him off the company’s board should go to arbitration. (NYT)

Tim Koogle, Yahoo’s first CEO, is selling his Los Altos house for $19.4 million. The house used to be the site for the Salawn Series, where famous people would come to talk. (Bloomberg)

Instagram says it has fixed a bug that allowed high-profile accounts to be hacked. The hackers gained access to phone numbers and email addresses, and posted nude photos of Justin Bieber on his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez’s account. (Variety)

Nest introduces a cheaper thermostat. It’s $170, $80 less than the original. (Bloomberg)

FDA recalls 465,000 pacemakers because of hacking risk. (Fortune)

Toshiba misses deadline to find buyer for its chip business. (NYT)

New analysis: Most gig-economy workers make less than $500 a month. (Quartz)

Best Buy and Macy’s expand same-day delivery to more markets. They use Deliv, a Menlo Park startup. (Fortune)

A key House committee has postponed a hearing on net neutrality that had been scheduled for next week after none of the eight tech companies invited to testify responded. (Morning Consult)

ICYMI: Giant spambot scooped up 711 million email addresses to help spread banking malware. (BBC)

And Amazon has been hit with a proposed class-action lawsuit over solar eclipse glasses that reportedly damaged at least one couple’s eyes. (Reuters)


Photo: Former Yahoo CEO Tim Koogle in 1999. (Gary Reyes/Mercury News)


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