Yahoo asks judge to toss men’s gender-discrimination suit, cites reasons for firings

Yahoo fired Scott Ard and Gregory Anderson not because they’re men but because Anderson racked up abysmal performance ratings and Ard failed to add enough value to his team, lawyers for what remains of Yahoo argued in a court filing.

Anderson filed suit against the company in February 2016, claiming that he was fired in 2014 after four years with the company because he’s male, and that then-CEO Marissa Mayer and other female executives had led a wider discrimination campaign against men within the firm.

Ard sued Yahoo in October, also claiming he was canned because of his gender, after 3 1/2 years with the company. He alleged Mayer led an illegal purge of male employees.

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The suits by the two former editorial directors were consolidated into one in October.

Now, Yahoo Holdings, a remaining entity from the firm’s sale to Verizon, is asking the judge to throw out the case.

To the claim by Anderson and Ard that Yahoo sacked them because they’re male, Yahoo Holdings said, ” the undisputed evidence confirms that this is not true.”

Anderson was turfed “because of his consistently low quarterly performance ratings, which put him in the bottom 5 percent of the entire company,” Yahoo Holdings’ court filing on Aug. 25 said.

Ard, the company said, was terminated “because his manager determined that he did not add sufficient value to his team, particularly given his senior level.” The manager in question was female, and the filing said “all of her star hires, highest-paid employees, and most senior employees (were) men.”

The lawyer representing Ard and Anderson said his firm would file its opposition to Yahoo Holdings’ filing by Sept. 8.

“They’ve chosen some facts and strung those facts up, but there are a multitude of other facts which paint quite a different story,” Jon Parsons said Aug. 30.

Anti-male discrimination within Yahoo caused a “sea change” in the gender composition of the company’s editorial and digital magazine units, Parsons said. For quarterly performance reviews, such as those cited in the firing of Anderson, “men’s scores were being lowered, women’s scores were being raised,” Parsons said.

His firm’s counter-filing will show that discrimination against men occurred, how it occurred and what the effects have been, he said.


Photo: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer delivers the keynote address Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016, at the Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)


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