On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s going on in tech.

As promised, Amazon cuts prices at Whole Foods — by up to 43 percent on first day. (Bloomberg)

Gilead Sciences to buy Kite Pharma, a Santa Monica-based maker of cancer treatments, for $11.9 billion. (Bloomberg)

Besides a new CEO, Uber is getting flak for teaming up with Girls Who Code. (CNN)

New poll: Google was wrong to fire James Damore over his manifesto about the company’s diversity push. (Hill)

Germany releases world’s first official guidelines for self-driving cars. (Motherboard)

Google is issuing refunds for ads that ran on sites with fake traffic. (WSJ)

Tech coalition squashes big Android phone botnet. (Fortune)

UN agency is criticizing Facebook over a video that shows migrants being threatened in Libya. (WSJ)

Facebook hires former New York Times public editor to help with transparency. (Hill)

ICYMI: Several members of Trump’s cybersecurity council have resigned, citing his response to Charlottesville and insufficient attention paid to infrastructure. (Verge)


Photo: A Whole Foods Market in Indianapolis. After Amazon’s purchase of the grocer closed Monday, Amazon began to slash prices. (Michael Conroy/AP)


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