Oracle heads to the clouds with plans for 5,000 new hires

Oracle said Monday that it will hire 5,000 new professionals for its cloud-based business.

According to Oracle, these hires will include “new engineers, consultants, sales and support people” for what the company says is “already the world’s fastest growing multi-billion dollar cloud business.”

In a statement, Oracle said the new hires will come on top of the 2,650 cloud sales professionals and 1,500 cloud developers it has already hired in the United States this year.

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However, an Oracle spokeswoman wouldn’t say where any of the anticipated 5,000 new hires would be based.

Oracle also wouldn’t say if its new hiring binge was in response to any of the recent waves made by cloud-computing giant Salesforce.

If you don’t know by now, Oracle and Salesforce are big rivals in the cloud-based software business. Salesforce Chief Executive Marc Benioff used to work for Oracle. And Oracle co-founder, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Chairman Larry Ellison doesn’t like it when anyone, especially one of his former employees, claims a piece of his turf.

Last week, Salesforce reported strong quarterly results, and Benioff said the company is on the way to bringing in $10 billion in cloud-based revenue this year. Oh, and as if Salesforce wanted to stick it to Oracle even more, the company’s gigantic Salesforce Tower in San Francisco was recently completed, and Salesforce is expected to start moving into the nearly 1,100-foot-high monolith in early 2018.

Salesforce Tower towers over every other building in region, including the Oracle Arena, in Oakland. Maybe if Oracle really wants to beat Salesforce in the race for the cloud business, it could hire 5,000 construction guys to build a tower that surpasses Salesforce’s already lofty heights?

Photo: Oracle headquarters in Redwood City in 2014. On Monday, Oracle said it will hire 5,000 new cloud-business professionals in the U.S. this year. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


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  • hoapres

    They will be 5,000 new h1b hires after 10,000 Americans get laid off.

    Posted by one banned by the SJMN and soon to be banned here.

    • Scott Jenner

      exactly I have TONS of cloud data center and Oracle experience and as an American, cannot get a job there at Oracle in spite of my qualifications because I am not an INDIAN H1b scab.