Facebook is blocking ads from pages that spread fake news

Fake news can spread like wildfire on social media sites, an issue that Facebook was criticized for after the presidential election.

Now the tech firm is taking more steps to make it harder for these publishers to rake in ad dollars from these false stories.

Facebook said Monday that it will ban pages from advertising on the social media site if they repeatedly share stories flagged as false by third-party fact checkers.

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The tech firm already doesn’t allow ads that link to fake news.

Facebook product managersĀ Satwik Shukla and Tessa Lyons wrote in a blog post that they’ve discovered that some pages use their ad products to attract more followers and spread fake news more broadly.

“False news is harmful to our community. It makes the world less informed and erodes trust,” they wrote.

The move is the tech firm’s latest effort to make it harder for publishers to profit from fake news. Facebook has more than 2 billion users worldwide.

Photo Credit:Ā Associated Press




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