Google boots out neo-Nazi website that attacked Charlottesville victim

Alt-right activists’ online attacks on Google intensified after the company’s firing of engineer James Damore over a memo arguing for a biological basis for the gender gap in tech — but the search giant was for a short time providing online services for America’s leading neo-Nazi website.

The Daily Stormer was kicked off GoDaddy’s domain name registry after it published an article attacking Heather Heyer, who was killed in the Aug. 12 muscle-car rampage by a white supremacist. The website called her “fat” and a “slut,” and noted her age.

“Most people are glad she is dead, as she is the definition of uselessness,” according to the Aug. 13 article.

“A 32-year-old woman without children is a burden on society and has no value.”

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Booted from GoDaddy, the Daily Stormer moved to Google’s domain registry. The change appears to have been made Aug. 14, according to an update notice on the ICANN “WHOIS” database.

Later the same day, Google announced it was ousting the site from its domain registry.

“We are cancelling Daily Stormer’s registration with Google Domains for violating our terms of service,” the firm said in a statement.

Google did not make clear how the Daily Stormer violated the service terms.

Google increasingly became a target for the alt-right during the last election campaign, with the firm accused of stifling conservative voices, peddling a liberal agenda and attempting to influence the presidential election. The firing of Damore, who subsequently gave video interviews to two online pundits beloved by the alt-right, galvanized the movement.

A protest “March on Google” has been set for company offices around the country, including in Mountain View. It’s being organized by Jack Posobiec, who is among a group of far-right activists who describe themselves as “new right” to distance themselves from the white-power politics of the alt-right.

Damore, in addition to postulating that women are more neurotic than men and less able to handle stress, also contended that conservative views are shut down at Google. Company CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged that Damore had made points beyond those that got him fired.

“Many points raised in the memo — such as the portions criticizing Google’s trainings, questioning the role of ideology in the workplace, and debating whether programs for women and underserved groups are sufficiently open to all — are important topics,” Pichai wrote in an Aug. 8 blog post.

“The author had a right to express their views on those topics—we encourage an environment in which people can do this and it remains our policy to not take action against anyone for prompting these discussions.”

Damore’s complaint about quashing of dissent prompted a Southern California street artist to take aim at Google via fake ads on Los Angeles bus benches. One showed a mock Google search page, with the compay’s name as “Goolag” and in the search box, “Search for diversity of thought somewhere else.” Another showed Pichai next to the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Beside Jobs is Apple’s slogan “Think Different.” Beside Pichai are the words “Not So Much.”


Photo: A man walks past a building on the Google campus in Mountain View. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)


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  • milpitasguy

    Amazing. White on white crimes over racism. Only in America.

    • Minority

      I don’t get it: Are you so obtuse that you only see this as white on white crime when that isn’t even remotely part of this situation occurring the last few days?

      Or are your purposely ignoring that white on white “racism” is 1000 times more common in Europe?

      Or are you being a racist yourself and ignoring same ethnicity, or skin color violence, is much more common in every part of the world BUT the US?

      I can’t figure which is your stance

      • Dave

        I don’t see white, black, brown, or whatever. All I see are jerks trying to control the lives of other jerks.

        • Minority

          If you have to defend what you “see”…that is already a lost battle., especially when you then turn and disparage both groups without condemning the blind hatred from the aggressor. Trump did the same thing in his Twitter post.

          It’s funny when people post thinking we won’t see right through it

          • Dave

            What can I say. I’m a jerk as well.

  • Minority

    Should also mention The Daily Stormer is based out of Santa Cruz

  • Alan

    Stay classy you righties. Might want to clean up your own camp before complaining about the left.

    • puhiawa

      Nice try. This is not a Republican new site.

      • Minority

        …he never mentioned the website. Obtuse much?

  • puhiawa

    Never heard of this until today. It is vile hate site. Much like the Antifa newsletter I also learned of today.

  • JoeBroe

    Private company-they have every right to.
    Now if they were a bakery and refused service on religious beliefs…..

  • Doug

    Trump has his wonderful racist supporters all riled up and re-fighting the Civil War on the streets of America. What city’s next on the racists’ schedule ?

    • Alan

      It is certainly helping hide his efforts at gutting environmental protections.

    • gippatel

      No fan of Trump, but exactly how did he “rile up” these morons?

  • Two for Two Google.

    You bow to Communist Dictators and act the fascist at home

  • Fake news Trumped real news

    It’s a start but what about Breitbart and Alex Jones?

    • gippatel

      And the NYT, and HuffPo, and all the other left-wing media outlets?

  • golfwar90

    I can think of another publication that should be yanked also.

  • hoapres

    So much for freedom of speech.

  • hoapres


    I am still trying to figure out how I can post here while the San Jose Mercury News has banned me on their website.

    Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • hoapres

    Wait until one of someone starts complaining about h1b infestation.

    The crud is about to hit the fan.

  • hoapres

    Maybe Trump can get our gun rights back.

  • hoapres

    Maybe somewhat off topic.

    California and the rest of the US are on a collision course.

    Just wait until:

    1. We pass a national right to carry and take away California rights to regulate guns. You can’t buy a Glock 4 or AR-15 in California. That’s likely to change.

    2. The big one will be if a California official preferably the Governor gets arrested by the Feds for obstruction of justice for not enforcing immigration laws. Have a few California public officials in Federal pen then everyone sings a different tune.

    How does this relate to this article ?

    Because frankly more people than you might think support Trump. While they aren’t right wing nutcases they are tired of hearing left wing nutcases such that if you don’t agree with them then you are a racist.

  • hoapres

    It must be true because I found it through a Google search.

  • hoapres

    The pledge of allegiance to the Google flag.

    I pledge of allegiance to the Google flag, the flag of the peoples republic of California, one state with everything found by a Google search, with servitude and slavery to our tech overlords.