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Here’s what’s going on in tech on Tuesday…

–The Google manifesto incident shows no signs of slowing down. Google fired  James Damore, the engineer who wrote and sent to company employees a screed criticizing the company’s diversity policies. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said Damore violated the company’s code of conduct. Damore says he submitted a charge against Google to the National Labor Relations Board prior to being fired, and that he is considering all legal options he may have. Oh, and Julian Assange has offered Damore a job with WikiLeaks.

–Uber board member and co-founder Garrett Camp has told company employees that Travis Kalanick won’t be returning as CEO.

–Chinese ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing has invested in Careem, an Uber rival in the Middle East, which is valued at $1 billion. Didi Chuxing has also invested in Lyft.

–With the job market remaining strong, so-called “gig-economy” companies such as Uber and Instacart are finding it difficult to keep their part-time employees and are having to offer perks they hadn’t offered before.

–Tidal, the music-streaming service owned by Beyonce’s husband (aka, Jay Z) has hired a new CEO. Oh, and he’s the fourth chief executive Tidal has hired in two years.

–How far can you go? A group of Tesla drivers in Italy claims to have set a record by driving 670 miles on a single charge of Model S.

–Photos have leaked out of what is believed to be Nissan’s 2018 Leaf. But, will the be the “Tesla killer” it aims to be?

Snap reports quarterly results on Thursday, and company watchers will have their eyes on its user growth and how it monetizes those uses on its platform.

Photo: In this file photo dated Wednesday, May 17, 2017, Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivers the keynote address for the Google I/O conference in Mountain View. Pichai fired a Google engineer who wrote a lengthy email to company employees that was critical of Google’s diversity policies. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg/File).


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  • hoapres

    The city flag of San Jose was replaced by the Google Flag.

  • Verify_Your_Facts

    Pinchai stated that the points raised in the memo are important topics, but debating these topics must be in line with the Google Code of Conduct. How can you debate an issue if the Code of Conduct prohibits talking about the issue?