The next finger-lickin’ tech giant? KFC builds its own smartphone, game box

Silicon Valley is awash with new startups and old corporations vying for supremacy, but rarely does a fried chicken company enter its ring.

But this month, Kentucky Fried Chicken released not only but two hardware products: a budget-priced smartphone exclusive in China and a chicken sandwich box that can be converted into a gaming box in India.

Apple and Nintendo, be very afraid.

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For those in the United States, eBay or another marketplace site will be your best bet. (On eBay, there is a listing for the KFC smartphone.)

The KFC smartphone was released two weeks ago in China and at first glance, it looks like any generic Android phone. Built in partnership with Huawei, the KFC phone has 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a microSD card slot inside a 5.5-inch frame.

If the bright red color and the Colonel Sanders logo in the back don’t wow you already, there is a KFC music app through which you can share songs with the 4,000 KFC stores in China. Those who purchased the phone — a small group considering there is only 5,000 made — will also receive 100,000 “K dollars,” KFC’s artificial currency to buy its food.

The phone was made as a 30th anniversary celebration of KFC opening its first store in China, according to media reports. The phone was sold at $125.

KFC also unveiled its “Gamer’s Box 2.0” this week. Partnering with Mountain Dew, KFC India offered┬áthe gaming box and a free soda was provided when purchased with a chicken sandwich.

So what’s in and around the box? On top is the smartphone holder, and on each side is one half of a game controller. The smartphone connects to the controller via Bluetooth and one can presumably play a game on it.

Tech media outlet BGR India reviewed the box, and from its appearance, it looks like the box works quite well as a gaming apparatus.

KFC did not immediately respond to a request for comment on both the smartphone and the gaming box.


Photo: A KFC box. (Mercury News archives)



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