Amazon wants to deliver packages from an underwater warehouse

Amazon dreams of delivering your goods faster than ever by storing them in underwater warehouses.

In the latest moonshot patent written by Amazon, the e-commerce titan wants to build aquatic warehouses managed by machines, humans, trucks or planes. The goods will be packaged with super watertight containers to prevent them from damage.

In its patent, Amazon says a package, when purchased, will float up to the water surface after being triggered by an activation code. Acoustic signals will be beamed to the package and a balloon inside the package will be opened to float the package upward.

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The patent was dated April 18 but was discovered by media outlets this week. Its inventor was Jeremiah Brazeau, a Boston-based principal engineer at Amazon Robotics.

Amazon has been brainstorming ways to re-do its storage facilities, which are inefficient in saving space, according to the aquatic warehouse patent. Amazon has patented a massive storage airship and a beehive-shaped warehouse as alternative solutions. In both cases, drones will be like bumblebee workers that pick up and deliver packages.

While drones won’t be used for the underwater warehouse — since its flying drones can’t swim yet — Amazon asserted drones are a crucial part of its future. On Tuesday, Amazon was granted a patent to analyze drones’ delivery data to predict what goods customers may be interested in. Basically, think the encyclopedia salesman on your doorstep but as a drone.

Of course, it’s possible none of the aforementioned patents will become reality, but Amazon remains undeterred thanks to its soaring successes as of late.

Amazon’s stock price continued its unprecedented rise, ending Wednesday at $1,039.87. Its CEO, Jeff Bezos, just leapfrogged over Microsoft founder Bill Gates to be anointed the richest man in the world.

Photo: A screenshot of Amazon’s patented underwater warehouse. The patent was granted in April. (Courtesy Amazon and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office)


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